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Social Trading Guide to Getting Started for Beginners


No longer must you be a Harvard graduate, wear a $10,000 suit and enjoy limo transportation just to be a top trader on the stock market. As a matter of fact, some of the top traders in the world today actually make most of their trades while still wearing their pajamas and enjoying a beverage at their own residence. While this article makes no promises that by merely reading its continence you will become the next Warren Buffet, assuredly …

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Follow The Visual Charts


Another key element of social trading websites is the user-friendly graphs, charts and interface. With social trading, illustration is fully encouraged.

This helps new users better understand how to read the numbers and digest them, and for

existing users or those who are tenured in social trading, it makes it easier to track their numbers with more colorful chart depictions of them to preview.

Your Take on Trends, Stay a Step Ahead Wherever You Play Your Penny.

Who can …

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