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Social Trading Guide to Getting Started for Beginners


No longer must you be a Harvard graduate, wear a $10,000 suit and enjoy limo transportation just to be a top trader on the stock market. As a matter of fact, some of the top traders in the world today actually make most of their trades while still wearing their pajamas and enjoying a beverage at their own residence. While this article makes no promises that by merely reading its continence you will become the next Warren Buffet, assuredly it can offer you a helpful social trading guide for beginners that can get you off and running with a strong head start in the right direction. Use this social trading guide to get started with online social trading for the very first time.
Research a Social Trading Website

Your first step will be to research a social trading website. Make sure you compare several sites side-by-side to get a really good feel for what they have to offer to you. A good method is by comparing features and functions in cascading website browser windows. Make sure you don’t forget to check if they offer a signup bonus; as many will match your initial funds.

Sign Up and Fund Your Account

Once you have decided upon what platform you desire to use, it’s time to create and fund your account so you can get started. Choose a nifty username and follow the signup instructions for your account creation. After this, link your bank account and fund your account so you can start trading.

Familiarize Yourself with Features and Functions

Most of these sites will offer a very helpful and visual beginner’s guide. It’s highly advised that you follow this tutorial and that you watch any recommended videos in their entirety before you start to dabble with the features and functions of the site. Think of this as your first training session.

Follow Top Traders as Your Social Trading Guide

The cool thing about social trading online is that you can follow and can connect with other traders. Take the time to research other traders that are making trades that interest you the most. Follow them, and start learning their top moves. Once you feel comfortable, copy a few of their moves. In no time at all, you will start seeing remuneration for your efforts, and you will be well on your way to becoming a top Forex trader.

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